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21 Spoken english course book

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Boost Your English Fluency with Our 21-Book Speaking Course Bundle Unlock fluent English with our comprehensive 21-book bundle designed for all learning levels. This collection covers everything from basic conversation to advanced speaking techniques, helping you improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and confidence. Ideal for exam preparation, career advancement, or everyday communication, our bundle equips you with the skills needed for success.

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall (Author), Richard Koch (Foreword)

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Guided by renowned marketing consultant and best-selling author Perry Marshall, sales and marketing professionals can save 80% of their time and money by focusing on the most productive 20% of their market. Using the powerful 80/20 rule, and extending it with concepts like 80/202 and 80/203, you can achieve 10X to even 100X greater success. With the included 80/20 software tool, you will:
  • Eliminate Time Wasters: Cut out activities that don’t contribute to your bottom line.
  • Target Hyper-Responsive Buyers: Focus your advertising efforts on buyers who are ready to purchase, avoiding those who aren't serious.
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings: Learn strategies to improve your visibility on search engines.
  • Stand Out from Competitors: Differentiate your brand and build a strong reputation in your market.

The Intelligent Investor Revised Edition. – : The Definitive Book on Value Investing

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Discover the definitive guide to value investing in "The Intelligent Investor Revised Edition." This timeless book offers invaluable insights into the world of investing, providing essential knowledge for both novice and seasoned investors alike. With clear and practical advice, it equips readers with the tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of the stock market. Whether you're looking to build wealth or safeguard your investments, this revised edition serves as an indispensable resource. Unlock the secrets of successful investing and embark on a journey toward financial security and prosperity.

The Science Of Getting Rich

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Unlocking the secrets to wealth, this book portrays the journey to prosperity as akin to a precise science like algebra or arithmetic. By unveiling the laws governing wealth acquisition, it assures readers of guaranteed riches when these principles are faithfully applied. Drawing upon the wisdom of successful individuals across generations, the text underscores the transformative power of creative thinking in the pursuit of wealth. It emphasizes the importance of tapping into one's ingenuity to accumulate abundance. Exploring the teachings of early advocates, readers are guided on how to kickstart their wealth-building journey using their existing circumstances and resources. It offers a practical roadmap for achieving both financial stability and emotional well-being through collaborative and imaginative strategies. Ultimately, by embracing the positive principles outlined within these pages, readers can carve out their niche in the universe, fostering prosperity, wisdom, and happiness along the way. Explore More

Trading Book Bundle : From Stock Trading Basics To Stock Trading Systems

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Unlock Financial Success with Our Stock Trading Book Bundle trading book bundle: Get ahead in the stock trading game with our comprehensive book bundle, featuring 162 e-books covering everything from trading basics to advanced systems. Learn the secrets to financial success, master trading strategies, and gain valuable business insights from industry experts. This bundle includes top titles like "Chart Pattern for Beginners," "The Candlestick Bible," "Price Action Trading," and many more. Perfect for both novice and experienced traders looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Stock trading book bundle, trading strategies, financial success, trading systems, chart patterns, candlestick charting, price action trading, stock market ebooks, entrepreneurship, and finance books.

You Can Win by Shiv Khera (Author)

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Embark on a journey from ancient wisdom to modern-day strategies with "You Can Win," an easy-to-read and practical guide. This book empowers you to set new goals, discover a fresh sense of purpose, and cultivate innovative ideas about yourself and your future. Guaranteeing a lifetime of success, "You Can Win" equips you with the tools to translate positive thinking into actionable steps, providing you with the winning edge. By mastering the seven steps to positive thinking, you'll build confidence and leverage your strengths to achieve success. Learn to turn weaknesses into strengths and establish credibility by consistently doing the right things for the right reasons. Take control of your life and surroundings, fostering mutual respect and trust with those around you. Remove barriers to effectiveness and maximize your potential, accomplishing more in every aspect of your life. With "You Can Win" as your guide, unlock your full potential and seize the opportunities that await you.

You Were Born Rich – 1 January 1997

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You Were Born Rich" is a transformative book by Bob Proctor, first published on January 1, 1997. It delves into the concept of wealth and abundance, suggesting that individuals possess innate riches waiting to be unlocked through a shift in mindset and understanding of universal principles. Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich, book description, wealth mindset, abundance mindset, subconscious mind, achieving goals, personal development, success principles, motivational book, law of attraction